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The Paddock Room has an entrance room with a reception desk and chair as well as a comfortable seating area. There are racks for hanging coats and shoes and personal belongings can be safely stowed on shelves in the main studio space.

The large studio space is perfect for exercise class as well as meetings and gatherings. The studio space is equipped with projector and screen which are available for a a small fee.

A large conference table which seats up to 18 people as well as 30 chairs are always available for use in the studio.

The small kitchen has a kettle as well as a large water heater for larger gatherings. The kitchen is equipped with glasses, mugs, cups and saucers and cutlery.

Just next to the kitchen is an accessible toilet.


Paddock Room


Please contact us to to let us know what you intend to use The Paddock Room,
so that we can give you an accurate quote for hiring the space.

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