New Jenny Ella Workshop – I’VE GOT YOUR BACK

Saturday: 24 August 2019
Time: 10 – 12
Price: £20

A gentle, comprehensive workshop to prevent and heal muscular back pain. Puts the power back into your own hands, so you can begin to heal yourself.

Together, we’ll explore moving and breathing in such a way as to put us in to our best performance state – both chemically and mechanically – which also happens to be our best healing state.

We’ll develop ways to support our bodies by tuning into how we feel and responding to that, moment by moment.

I’ll share a set of practices you can do from wherever you are along the path from injured to healthy.

This workshop will include:

  • what to do when acute pain strikes
  • a simple home practice to get you out of back pain
  • a lovely yoga flow for everyday practice to keep your whole spine and back healthy.

This everyday practice will make more space in your body, open up what’s stuck, and provide strength, stability, and mobility to keep you moving beautifully.

Use this kind of movement regularly, as a path to keeping your back – and whole body – working wonderfully for you.

Spaces are limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment, by DM or email.


Follow Your Doctor’s Advice: Always check with your doctor that yoga is safe for you to practice. Nothing contained in this workshop can take the place of medical diagnosis and treatment. It’s important to get advice from a qualified medical professional, who knows your particular case history.

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