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Alex Harris qualified with Body Control Pilates (BCPA) in London back in 2000 and has been teaching Pilates for the past 18 years. She is also a qualified Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist with the Institute of Sports and Remedial Masseurs (ISRM) and therefore has developed a great understanding of the body, its capabilities and restrictions.

‘My clients have ranged from professional sports people and dancers to people that are rehabilitating after major surgery or living with chronic musculoskeletal conditions and they have all benefited from Pilates.

The body adapts to whatever social, physical and emotional factors we throw at it, but at the cost of lost stability, faulty firing patterns and overcompensation. Over a period of time this can result in the body becoming unbalanced, loss of movement and an increased risk of injury. Pilates focusses on activating the deep stabilising muscles in order to support the skeletal frame and helps to lengthen and rebalance muscles that have become overactive. When the foundations are supported it creates good posture and increases free movement, allowing the body to work efficiently and without strain, so that you can keep active and enjoy life.’

Wednesday: 9:30

P: 07813 178267
E: Alexharris4@hotmail.co.uk
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