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Bodyweight Foundations is designed on the principles that we were designed to move, to hunt, to gather and be connected with our bodies. The idea is in some ways quite primal in the sense that we should be able to and allow ourselves to move naturally, as designed and to engage with our body to have the strength to resist unwanted ailments and issues.

The class involves a range of basic bodyweight exercises that anyone can do, anywhere (with a little practice). The aim is to use and move our body through different exercises and body positions to challenge ourselves and enable us to grow. Although simple, this is by no means a class only for beginners as even the strongest of people can find different ways to challenge themselves.

The class is a relatively slow-paced class which focusses on movement and control and will require great focus throughout. Expect to be challenged.

There is a very long list of the benefits of bodyweight exercise, some of which include:

– Developing core control and full body strength
– Improving balance, mobility and flexibility
– Understanding more about how the body works
– Assisting in combating health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and more

Any health or medical issues should be disclosed to the instructor before partaking in the class.

First and foremost, Mark is a dad and above all else, that is his favourite thing in the world. He’s also a Personal Trainer & Class Instructor with a real passion and focus on health and well-being. It was with a combination of both of these things that Mark started to focus on bodyweight exercise and mobility and really looking at strengthening the body as whole from heart & mind to muscles.

Thursdays – Time 5:30 – 6:30

COST: £8 drop in, £30 for 5 sessions


PH:07531 975600

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