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When you join me on the mat, in private sessions or on retreat, I will invite you to step up, with playful intrigue and take it to the next level. I will invite you to find your growing edge and work hard, to cultivate you. As I truly believe you can only control you, and that takes practice! With much playfulness and compassion, it takes courage to truly step up and honor you, but it is so worth it. I look forward to working/playing! with you.

Since 1998 I have been working and learning all about taking personal responsibility and showing up to live the best most playful life possible. Which is ever changing through the circumstances we find ourselves in, many times we flow through, many times there are huge challenges. But we always have a choice to grow, and so my many years of practice through breath, yoga and water play have allowed me to navigate some incredibly dark times, and some insanely light times! Deeply honoring the darkness and the light. Flooding each day with intention, breath, gratitude, yoga and getting out on the water, SUPing, surfing, playing.

I’ve felt the contractions of fear and darkness and the expansions of wild joy and light. I’ve traveled, giggled, and expanded into new experiences. Lived in many places on this glorious planet earth, we get to call home. I’ve been married, navigated divorce and a breast cancer diagnosis, raising two little beans consciously which I continue to do everyday. I truly feel I am blessed to be gifted life.


Come join us it’s too fun, lovely humans.
With emphasis on building internal and external strength, flexibility, breathing well and feeling more at ease in your body, the water and on your surf board.

DATES: 13 June – 18 July, 2019
TIME: 10am
COST: £75 – 6 week Yoga and breathing for inner and outer strength and surfing

Upgrade your course to include a 90min private session with me, to focus on you, and create a space tailored to your personal needs
Total cost £135
Private Session to be used by September 2019
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PH: 07392 973188
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I have been looking for the right type of yoga practice for me and I’ve found it! Its challenging at times, which gives me a need to keep practicing to get stronger and stronger. I have enjoyed all aspects of the session, the chat at the beginning always resonates with me and puts me in a good mindset. Learning the breathing techniques has been amazing, I normally don’t breathe properly and tend to hold on to my breathe and get anxious, I now have the ability to let go!!! Thank you 🙏🏻 😊 I love the videos and meditations that you send across, these help me stay motivated. I am looking forward to the next sessions and to see an improvement in my surfing strength when I get back in the water! I am so happy to have found you xxx
– Charlotte Wordenn

I have spent time with Nix on land and at sea – sometimes teaching sometimes receiving. She is gifted in asking you to step up and playfully grow your edge, both in your physical and mental practices. She is a wonderful, coach, yoga teacher and friend. We have shared some amazing adventures, breathing on the mat, diving deep, surfing both the waves of life and the ocean. She cares deeply for our planets well being and each persons ability to become their own best coach.

– Hanli Prinsloo – Freediver/I am water CEO and Founder

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