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Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing is a sequence of moves and gestures taken from the traditions of Tai Chi and Chi Kung designed to promote physical and emotional health, taking just 10 minutes to do in its simplest form. The moves are easy and quick to learn and can be done standing or sitting, making them accessible to differing needs. TMW is currently being offered and practiced by people ranging in age from 7 to 92! As you can tell the sequence is flexible, adaptable and applicable to a very wide range of capabilities and needs.

TMW was developed by Richard Farmer (Honorary President of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and international Tai Chi teacher), in conjunction with Dr David Quinn (former Head of Profession and Head of the Department of Health Psychology with the Hereford NHS). The benefits of Tai Chi are widely recognised with a substantial body of evidence and research to support this, but often Tai Chi is dismissed as being too complicated and lengthy to learn. This is where TMW comes in. TMW is a unique approach, bringing together Tai Chi Movement and Mindfulness.

TMW effects beneficial change for those who have issues for concern, such as balance for the elderly, as well maintaining strength and mobility for all ages.


Annalisa has led workshops all over the world with a focus on embodyment, presence and meditation. Since returning to England 5 years ago she has added Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing to her portfolio.



Thursdays 11:30

COST: £8 per class

PH: 07482 211322


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